Nor Cal Diesel Rally 2007 Results

Tough Truck Results

1st Place

Nick Damico
2nd Place

Cory Dow
3rd Place

Chris Werner

Participant Dyno HP Drag Race E.T. Sled Pull Distance
Adam Cleghorn 536.6 13.69 184'
Bernie Emerson 585.4 13.46 205'10"
Bob Mutch   15.13  
Cecilly Grant 427 14.83 153'2"
Chris Werner 1,078 11.32 201'5"
Chris Smith 358.7 16.56 197'1"
Cole Dow 286 15.13 193'7"
Cory Dow 696.9 12.17 248'5"
Dustin Stone 331.4 15.41  
Gary Riley 546.2 12.19  
Howard Harter 290.4 16.91 209'4"
Jason Kolker 459.6 14.14  
Jim Forbus 308.5 16.17 150'9"
Joe Higuera 647.5 13.11 169'4"
Kim Miner 277.9 18.39 217'9"
Michael Neharth 191.6 19.31 185'8"
Mike Dellehay 727.7 14.64 233'2"
Nick Damico 694.2 12.13 301.2
Paul Luis 336.7 15.92  
Rick Chamburs 343 15.98 214'5"
Robert Tofflemire 428.2 24.84  
Drag Race

Heads Up Stick Shift Winners

1st Place

Paul Baars
2nd Place

Mat McVey
3rd Place

Jared Backovich

Heads Up Stick 11.50 Winners

1st Place

Patrick Clifford

Bracket Race Winners

1st Place

Brian Nell "Beave"
2nd Place

Mathew Ray
3rd Place

Adam Benoit

Sled Pull

Diesel Modified Results

1st Place

Scott Vorhees
2nd Place

Joel Gooch

Participant Distance
Scott Vorhees 350'
Joel gooch 307'5"
Lenny Reed 246'7"
Bob Mutch 235'3"
Albert Mendres III 232"

Diesel Super Street Winners

1st Place

Matt Lewis
2nd Place

Jake Guthrie

Participant Distance
Matt Lewis 251'11"
Jake Guthrie 231'2"
Jeremy Mallory 217'1"
Tom Colesanti 206'6"
Rick Young 196'3"
Natalie Russell 194'9"
Justin Schlosser 182'3"
Ryan Wolfe 157'7"

Diesel Street Winners

1st Place

Brian Freeman
2nd Place

Jim Forbus

Diesel Street Results

Participant Distance
Brian Freeman 245'7"
Jim forbus 237'11"
Keith Kouri 213'2"
Aaron Harter 204'
Melissa Forbus 189'9"
Angela Ulloth 165'9"
Powder Puff

Powder Puff Winners

1st Place

Char Staxton
2nd Place

Rainey Young
3rd Place

Bridgette Arrington

Powder Puff Results

Participant Distance
Char Staxton 295'
Rainey Young 240'4"
Bridgette Arrington 236'5"
Penny Grant 172'6"
Melissa Forbus 165'2"

Dyno #2 Results

Participant HP
Brett Hendrix 531.5
Paul Baars 516.1
Justin Hoffman 480.5
Mathew Ray 460.7
Jason Knocker 459.6
Justin Wood 452.4
Adam Wildman 449.7
Shane Ballensky 430.9
(on #2 diesel)
Shane Ballensky 411.5
(on Veggie Oil)
Jeremy Matz 359.5
Jeremy Wright 321.4
Brian (Beave) Nell 297.2
William Lasater 292.9
Ryan Poore 290.0
Scott Jacques 287.7

Dyno Outlaw Results

Participant HP
Richard Brown 908.7
Eric Brown 738.5
Adam Ross 693.3
Joel Gooch 571.4

Show and Shine Results

1st Place

Bob Hachcock
2nd Place

Ross Fahlen
3rd Place

Albert Mendres III

Place Participant
1st Bob Hachcock
2nd Ross Fahlen
3rd Albert Mendres III

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